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Our resources refer to nicotine vaping products purchased in specialty vape shops when used as intended.

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“Every shift, during my years as a hospital RN, I cared for patients suffering with smoking-related diseases.
I designed VAEP to assist the public and health professionals with learning about vaping as a harm reduction strategy for smokers.”

Basic vaping information

Everything you need to know about vaping as a harm reduction strategy. This Shareables collection covers smoking, tobacco harm reduction, smoking cessation, nicotine and oppression of the information.

Health professionals

Patients are vulnerable people who rely on their care givers to stay current in the scientific evidence to ensure informed decision making. VAEP challenges health professionals to review the evidence on tobacco harm reduction.

Vaping & lung injuries

From August to September 2019, an outbreak of vaping related lung injuries occurred in the USA. The cause was illegal THC cartridges and had nothing to do with vaping nicotine.

Adolescents and adult activities

It is normal teenage behaviour to experiment with adult taboos. This is the first generation to encounter vaping. We explore the reasons youth try vaping, the consequences and unintended harm reduction in regards to smoking uptake.


To help you educate yourself and others, we have designed papers, infographics, rack cards and lots more! Look through our selection of free items and download the PDF for printing.

Main Stream Media
fear-based misinformation

In 2019, CBC produced a series called “Vape FAIL”. We corrected the initial article, “The Road to Vaping”. We have added the significant data they omitted, corrected their errors and uncover their integrity.

External Resources
credible sources of information

We have carefully selected credible sources of vaping information from the best sources in the world. Learn from the experts in science, policy and harm reduction.

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