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To establish tobacco harm reduction effectively, we need to get the truth out to the public.

Our biggest obstacle in helping people to make informed decisions about vaping is pervasive and rampant misinformation. Some governments, health authorities, health-related non-profits and mainstream media often use strategies that undermine harm reduction, make it difficult for the public to make informed decisions, and therefore encourage smoking.

We do not understand why these groups with all of their resources are not providing the public with accurate data, complete truths or a harm reduction perspective.

It may be that they are as misinformed as the general population. We hope that they are not affected by another more malevolent influence, as vaping is disruptive and threatens the revenue to the industries that produce tobacco cigarettes or treat smoking-related diseases.

We are confident that when people who are misinformed or confused visit our website they will easily learn the truth about vaping.  We identify situations where tobacco harm reduction is being denigrated, and design pages to help people advocate effectively.

We encourage everyone to direct their friends, co-workers, physicians and anyone else to our website so that we can all tell the truth about vaping!

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