Educate health professionals

Educate health professionals

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Teach health professionals

about vaping-related lung injuries

Jan. 2020, Australasian Professional Society on Alcohol and other Drugs releases:


“Miscommunication about the causes of the US outbreak of lung diseases in vapers by public health authorities and the media”.

EVERY health professional who reads this will have full comprehension on the truth about what is causing vaping related lung injuries, how the CDC has deceived the public about it and that they have been getting a false narrative.

This credible paper is a short read consisting of only 2 pages yet cites 32 references.

Here is the paper, just print it off.

Now, write on the back.

All you have to do now is give it to the receptionist or practitioner at health professional offices.

Because vaping is a hot topic right now and this is a short, credible paper, it will probably get passed around the staff room. Since you wrote on the back, you have helped them learn more PLUS given them somewhere to send their patients for infomation on tobacco harm reduction! This means YOU have made all the difference in the world!


Suggestions for places to drop it off:

  • pharmacies

  • emergency rooms

  • hospital admissions

  • walk in clinics

  • dentist offices

  • community/public health clinics

  • doctor’s offices

  • mental health centers

  • harm reduction clinics

  • optomatrist offices

  • labs

  • physiotherapy offices

  • chiropracter offices

  • naturopathy offices


If we work together we can overcome the current lies.

Push back against the war on vaping by giving health professionals the chance to learn.

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Every contribution ensures we can

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APSAD paper

Basic vaping info

Basic vaping information

The facts will surprise you

This 30 second video explains the  epidemic that is related to vaping.

Learn how vaping compares to smoking in this two minute video.

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Smoking is the most preventable cause of disease and death in North America. Once hooked, smokers have a very small success rate at quitting.

Tobacco harm reduction

Everyday we practice harm reduction such as using a seat belt to prevent injury. We still take a risk by getting into a vehicle but we lower the chances of negative outcomes.

Smoking cessation

If smokers quit, they stop inhaling all of the chemicals that will give them diseases. Cigarettes are the most harmful source of nicotine.


Nicotine is so safe that anyone, including a minor, can purchase nicotine products at the drug store.


There is plenty of data on what happens to a smoker when they switch to vaping.

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Make a difference

Every contribution ensures we can

continue providing quality learning materials.