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The making of smokers

The current narrative

Well intentioned warnings from trusted health authorities may be giving the wrong message to age groups with full cognitive reasoning.

How many smokers have walked through these doors and have been dissuaded from considering harm reduction?











“Vaping nicotine can alter teen brain development.”

– Health Canada

This study was done on rats.

It would be unethical to give nicotine to teens and then test their brains.

Considering the difference in brain structure, a more accurate message would be to specify ‘rat’ brain. 11

The dose was 2mg/kg/d of nicotine.

serious adverse effects from nicotine present at 1mg/kg depending on tolerance. (2)

These rats were given the equivalent of 136 mg of nicotine per day through a 24 hour IV to a 150 pound person. 11


There are over 7000 chemicals in smoke. (5)

Most of the harmful chemicals found in tobacco smoke are eliminated with vaping. (2)

 Nicotine is a mild stimulant much like caffeine and does not cause disease. 6

To quote the study:

"Although the precise fraction of those [effects] attributable specifically to nicotine has not been precisely quantified." (25)

On one occasion in this study, smokeless tobacco was used as a data source, the rest were all about tobacco smoke. It is literally impossible to determine if any of the health effects on the developing fetus or adolescents who smoke are caused from nicotine.

“Vaping can cause lung damage.”

– Health Canada

Is this the right message for smokers?

The 5.3 million smokers in Canada have a right to know that vaping is a 95% safer alternative. (9) (36)

Yet, these alarming messages hardly illustrate the significant harm reduction strategy!

Where is the evidence?

Health Canada provides no references for this public announcment on their website or literature.

To quote the only statement associated with this public announcement: “Vaping can expose you to harmful chemicals like formaldehyde and acrolein, and metals and contaminants like nickel, tin and aluminum. You don’t want any of these in your lungs!” 37

Health Canada has some positive messages for smokers.

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