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Full page ad in the Edmonton Journal & 41,000 online ads

August 24, 2019 full page ad in Edmonton Journal

Online ads ran from August 24-31.

Through a GoFundMe campaign, the vaping community raised $10,000 in 39 hours to fund our first of many to come mainstream ad campaigns! We designed ads to drive traffic to our home page to educate people in Alberta.

We released the new ‘Adolescents and Adult Activities: The making of smokers’ page at the same time. With the current concerns over youth vaping, we felt that page needed to be there for the new visitors.

Our goal was to inspire people who read the Edmonton Journal to learn about vaping. We feel that the public deserves the right to all the information to make informed decisions about vaping as a harm reduction strategy.

Prior to the crowd funding for this ad campaign, we put together a page for Edmonton to help them advocate for change.

Here’s the data from our website’s analytics

On the day of the full page ad compared to the Saturday two weeks before, we saw an increase of 1429% increase on our home page hits. We also saw an increase of 1600% new users to our site for the same time frame.

We compared data between two 8 day periods: the 8 days the online ads ran (Aug 24-31) and 8 days two weeks prior (Aug 10-17).

On the day of the full page ad, we had a 1221% increase in Alberta traffic. The online ads (purple line) definitely increased our site traffic compared to two weeks prior (gold line), particularly on the Wednesday and Thursday.

Looking at the major cities in Alberta, we compared site traffic from two weeks prior. We saw an 810% increase in Edmonton and a 338% increase in Calgary.


We saw a significant increase in our site traffic as a result of advertising with the Edmonton Journal. We will be looking again over the next few weeks to monitor for long term growth and will post those findings.

Although these numbers look really impressive, if our site traffic was higher, the results would not have been so drastic. We have calculated the cost per new visitor and we will compare it to expected returns from newspaper ads and various types of advertising mediums.

We greatly appreciate the generousity of the donors that support tobacco harm reduction. We will be in an ongoing process of evaluating the results of our decisions and investigating our options  to ensure that we are accountable to our  donors. Our goal is to educate all Canadians and we want to accomplish that as efficiently and responsibly as possible.

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