Gratitude list

This is everyone who has contributed to VAEP's development.

Every contribution, regardless of size or impact has been an essential part of getting us to where we are now: helping people make an informed decision about vaping.

If you contributed to VAEP and we forgot to put you on this list, please contact us. We want to recognize everyone who has helped us.

Ali Shehry

Allan Wong

Amanda Preston

Andrew Surtees-Bilic

Avalon Vapor

Beatrice Hurley

Beju Lakhani

Bree Gillis

Brian Coe

Brendan Carson

Carmen Escrig Llavata

Charlene Haste

Chris Der

Chrissy Marshall

Daniel David

Dave Ehmann

David Lee

David Perin

David Sweanor

Dawn Fjell

Denis Deslauriers

Ed West

Eden Sorrell

Fiona Lianne

Frode Hansen

Grant Hepworth

Gord Bishop

Haze VapeCo

Ian Myers

Jack Weinberg

Jackie (Ivanna) Awrey

Joe Pirrotta

Joey Seminara

John Haste

Kate Ackerman

Keith Hughes

Kevin Crowley

Kerrick Sawicki

Linda Boyer Fawcett

Larry Price

Luke Marshall

Maria Papaioannoy-Duic

Marie Ringuette

Marion Burt

Michael Uyede

Nancy Sutthoff

Paul Beauregard

Randy Dueck

Ray Yeates

Reid Thomas

Rick Siba

Robert Jolin

Robert Burnaccioni

Sam Tam

Shai Be

Shandra Sewell

Simon Stokes

Smoker’s Revolution

Tamer Saleh

Tess Ameloot

Tom Teasdale

Tim Criswell

Umer Awan

Wendy Farrow

If you are uncomfortable with your name on this list, please contact us. We respect your privacy and autonomy.

Make a difference

Every contribution ensures we can continue providing quality learning materials.