Kellie Ann has been working night shifts all summer and spending her free time developing VAEP.

Over the summer, a new website has been built because the website originally made for VAEP was unstable and unfixable. Luke Marshall came to the rescue and set up VAEPworld with a new design and server. He copied our content then Luke and Kellie Ann worked long hours to create a beautiful new site to serve the public with our free learning resources. 

A new strategy was created to form a revenue stream for VAEP so Kellie Ann can develop and expand our services. It has become too straining for her to give one third of her income to VAEP and all of her free time. We developed the Friends of VAEP Map for businesses that want to support our project and have life-long advertising for a one-time small fee.

The Friends of VAEP Map can be found on our home page. Businesses that support vaping education and informed decision making can be found on this map. 

When your pin is clicked, all of your business information shows up. Your logo is a link to your website.

VAEP is also offering exclusive advertising on our VAEPology login page! Four ad spaces are available and will run for 3 months. For more information please visit our Sponsor VAEP page.

Kellie has spent thousands of dollars travelling to Toronto, Calgary, Red Deer and BC to bring awareness to our project. Businesses have been receptive and enthusiastic to learn about our current resources and plans for VAEPology. The most frequent question asked was why they had never heard of VAEP. Frankly, Kellie Ann is having to learn as she goes (web design, email marketing, desktop publishing, etc) while working long hours in the hospital to pay for it all, so progress has been slow.

But now, everything is in place to start promoting on social media and benefit people and businesses with our services. Look for our posts and please share to help people learn the truth about vaping!