VAEP makes it easy to understand vaping science

Our work is based on scientific evidence yet written in a way that’s simple to understand.

We aim to help people learn about vaping from a harm reduction perspective.

Our work is based on scientific evidence yet written in a way that’s simple to understand.

We aim to help people learn about vaping from a harm reduction perspective.

2017 Canadian Youth Smoking and Vaping


This infographic illustrates the smoking and vaping trends of Canadian youth. The data is expressed in percentages. Graphs are utilized to show frequencies of use and to draw comparisons. We have two colour options for printer preferences.

This infographic reflects the data collected in the Government of Canada’s population surveys. We have used the Canadian Student Tobacco, Alcohol and Drugs Survey (CTADS) for 2014-15 and 2016-17 as well as the Canadian Tobacco Use Monitoring Survey (CTUM): Overview of historical data 1999 to 2012.

We will have an American version soon.

Vaping (electronic cigarette use) the Truth


This paper is based on scientific evidence yet written in conversational English. In a short read, it provides the reader with the basic knowledge about vaping as a harm reduction strategy.

This paper has many colourful graphs throughout; side columns of quotes; and fifty-two references listed in the back. The two versions reflect American and Canadian statistics.

Le vapotage (L’utilisation de la cigarette électronique) La vérité


Ce document est basé sur des preuves scientifiques. Dans une courte lecture, vous pouvez apprendre les connaissances de base pour comprendre vaping comme une alternative viable pour le tabagisme. Il fournit au lecteur des informations pour prendre une décision éclairée sur le vapotage en tant que stratégie de réduction des risques.

Nous prévoyons desservir la communauté québécoise. VAEP incorporé en français et en anglais.

Outlawing Vaping in Public


This paper discusses the social issue of public vaping. It looks at the contexts of current public risks; effective transition to vaping and adolescent experimentation.

A quick read to start critical thinking about society’s role in promoting harm reduction. Smoking is a social issue with very high costs. We should be looking at all the options to reduce the suffering caused from inhaling smoke from burning, chemically laden tobacco.

Vaping vs Smoking Chart


Harm reduction means to reduce the negative consequences of the things people do. Examples would be seat belts, condoms and helmets.

To understand if a new thing will reduce harm; it must first be compared to the thing it is replacing. This chart makes a direct comparison of vaping to smoking in several areas: ingredients, what’s inhaled, bystanders, addiction, health effects and costs.

The Facts in Five Minutes


This is a five minute slide show explaining the basics of vaping, complete with narrative. It is designed to fit into the presentation time allowed by a committee or city council.

The information is based on ‘Vaping, the Truth’ and we HIGHLY recommend  you study this paper and the slideshow prior to your presentation to ensure your knowledge base!

It features an additional 16 slides that provide more information on vaping to expand the audience’s knowledge. Use these to add to the presentation if the time allotment is more than 5 minutes or to answer questions or if more information is requested.

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