Our Team

The people behind VAEP

Kellie Ann Forbes BScN, RN

Kellie Ann is our founding member and VAEP is her vision. She created all of our Original Work and is developing VAEPology.  Her commitment  to build this project is driven by her professional code of ethics.

Luke Marshall

Luke designed our online Information Brochure. He designed this website to be engaging and easy to navigate. Luke is in ongoing service to VAEP, maintaining and improving the site. We turn to Luke for solutions to our IT challenges.

Rick (Es) Siba

Rick has been behind the scenes since before we were incorporated. He reviewed and selected the best videos for our YouTube channel. Rick provided VAEP with most of the videos and specifics destined for our video library. He also manages our Instagram account.

Chrissy Marshall

Chrissy is our host on our public Facebook page where people share news articles about vaping. She screens new members, welcomes each one to our page and monitors the quality of the posts.

Please refer to our Gratitude page to see a list of all the people that have contributed to our progress.

To each and every one of you, we are most grateful!