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Our learning resources are based on scientific evidence yet written in a way that’s simple to understand.

We aim to help people learn about vaping from a harm reduction perspective.


You are being deceived

Most vapers are aware that there is rampant misinformation about vaping. This 18″ x 24″ poster features 9 Shareables that give a base knowledge about vaping as a harm reduction strategy.

It’s all bull sh*t

This poster addresses the current fear-provoking message that tobacco harm reduction (vaping regulated nicotine eliquid) is what is making people sick. The ‘vaping related’ lung injuries are clearly caused from mostly black market cannabis products used in a vape device.

We are VERY concerned that authority and media group these dangerous products with nicotine eliquid. In the interest of public health, it is unethical to (1) not clarify what is making people sick and (2) actively oppress tobacco harm reduction!

The emojis are humour that create receptiveness followed by a command to invite learning. We have two styles for your preference.

Make a difference

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