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The information in these Shareables are quotes or findings from studies, reports, surveys and other credible sources.

Each Shareable teaches a key concept about vaping using graphics, colour and text. The reference for the information is provided on each Shareable. Share them to your phone or hard drive and use them to teach or answer questions about vaping. Let us do the education for you!

Due to the pervasive misinformation conveyed by media, we have referenced mainstream media reporting to illustrate the false narrative.

Severe lung illnesses related to vaping (Canada) or EVALI (e-cigarette or vaping product use-associated lung injury) (USA)

The current ‘vaping-related’ lung injuries are caused from black market cannabis products used in a vaping device; NOT regulated nicotine eliquid! The government, authorities, media and health-related non profits are deliberately deceiving the public by inferring that these injuries were caused from legal nicotine eliquid. Why are they actively oppressing tobacco harm reduction?

Basic vaping info

This gallery of Shareables teaches the basic information a person needs to know to make informed decisions about vaping as a harm reduction strategy for smokers. Not only does the smoker need to know this, so does their loved ones, health professionals and the taxpayers.

Anti-harm reduction advocates

There are many health professionals, health-related nonprofits, politicians and health authorities that are repeating the false narratives. Their recommendations clearly indicate a demand to make tobacco harm reduction unattractive to smokers by banning flavours, taxing vaping, banning nicotine levels that help heavy smokers, and other strategies.

Youth and vaping

The most pervasive tactic to turn the public against harm reduction is to use children. Fear-based false narratives omit important information, convey information out of context and manipulate our desire to protect children with inflammatory and misleading comments. Please go to our Adolescents and Adult Activities page to look at this subject in depth.

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