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Businesses funding vaping education

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Businesses support VAEP because they recognize the importance of education to ensure that vaping continues to be utilized as a harm reduction strategy.

These businesses understand that an educated public and healthcare community are beneficial for vaping industry growth and fair regulations.









If your business supports vaping education, we invite you to join our community!

The businesses in our community don’t agree on every issue but they all agree that people have a right to all the information to make informed decisions. You can find them on the VAEP Map which is on our home page. Anyone visiting our website can see that these businesses support harm reduction.

A short video to explain our value to the vaping industry.

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Put your business on our map located on VAEPworld home page! We ask for a minimum $30 a month for your pin or $500 one time donation We give you several options if you would like to contribute more!

Your pin text box includes your company name, address, phone number, and hours of operation. A quote explaining why you support VAEP in also included to emphasize that our community is about vaping education.

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A decal for your door to show you support vaping education.

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Inside are printed copies of VAEP downloads!

A full colour booklet  with your logo and quote.

Inside are printed copies of VAEP downloads!

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