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Businesses supporting vaping education

As more and more people visit VAEPworld.com,

VAEP is becoming the place for vaping education.

Our resources are making it easy to learn the truth about vaping: simply read our documents; download our slide show;  investigate our YouTube channel; follow our links; or review our Shareables. 

We are currently developing our interactive online learning center. VAEPology is designed to make learning even easier and link you to the supporting evidence. This unique resource will be a game changer and greatly increase the number of visitors to our site. As with all our resources, VAEPology will be available to everyone for free.   

VAEP is able to provide free education resources thanks to our sponsors!

Our community of businesses have permanent pins on our Friends of VAEP Map, located on our homepage and on the VAEPology login page. If your business supports vaping education and informed decision making, we invite you to join our community.

A one time fee of $499 puts your business location and information on the Friends of VAEP Map for life! A link to your business will also be listed for three months on our ‘newest sponsors’ slider at the top of the VAEPology login page.

Your pin includes your company name, address, phone number, hours of operation. We ask for a quote from you as to why you support VAEP to emphasize that our community is about about one key concept: that everyone has the right to all the information to make an informed decision.

We will link your logo to your website or social media for six months. Opting to keep your link active is your opportunity to continue helping VAEP educate the public and healthcare professionals.

Look for this decal on the doors of businesses. These businesses recognize the importance of educating the public about vaping to ensure that this harm reduction strategy continues to be utilized.

VAEP heard your requests!

We are offering two packages: one for single businesses and one for multiple businesses.

VAEP offers 3 ad spaces on what will be our most visited page:

the VAEPology login page

To access VAEPology, opening a free account is required and each time someone logs in they will see your business advertisement! Advertising space consists of  three ads placed directly above the login box. Ads will be changed every quarter, when we update VAEPology with the latest science.


While we work on the initial development of VAEPology, the login box, will be replaced with an email submission box for people to get notified when VAEPology has launched.

Support vaping education!

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For more information please email us at info@vaepworld.com.