VAEP’s development has slowed over the last couple of months due to my returning to work in the hospital. Over the last 4 years as an advocate, I have learned that exhaustion is contrary to nursing. So, when I return to the hospital after several months advocating, my time spent on VAEP reduces dramatically. The year end shows I spent an average of 106.7 hours a month on VAEP and I won’t even go into the percentage of my income that has gone into this project.

The next step is to build VAEPology, which involves one of my passions: research – hundreds of hours of research. My aim is to provide the globe with vaping education that is formatted in a way that anyone can easily learn. I think this is a worthwhile cause; it has been a difficult journey, so far, but that doesn’t discourage me. I am tenacious and motivated by the patients in my care for that suffer from smoking related diseases.

I have learned many new skills to build this project: web design, desktop publishing, Google apps, social media, so many things not related to nursing. But to move this project forward I am seeking outside help with sales and marketing because I simply don’t have an aptitude for it. I was recently given some excellent marketing advice which, among other things, involves documenting the process of developing VAEP . . . on video. It will be a huge change for me since I am a very private person and camera shy. But I have a lot to say about vaping and it may help people if I put it on video.

Between my shifts, I’m working on gathering support and resources to move to the next step . . .*sigh* and make videos . . .

Kellie Ann RN