The nurse behind it all

A personal note from Kellie Ann RN

I started smoking before my teens. I didn’t enjoy smoking. It harmed my health, made me stink, but what bothered me most was I was powerless over my addiction. I tried everything to quit. Sometimes, I would quit for a few months or even a few years, but one drag and I was a pack-a-day smoker within a week. I bought a $30 vaporizer online and I haven’t had a single urge to smoke since. Vaping freed me from the grip of tobacco addiction!

I wanted to understand what I was inhaling, so I accessed a medical data base and read hundreds of published articles on vaping. As a registered nurse, I am trained to conduct research to form an educated opinion. I am satisfied that vaping is not only exceedingly less harmful than smoking but it is an appealing alternative to current smokers for very sound scientific reasons.

After talking with people about vaping, it became clear that what they thought they knew about vaping was either incomplete or just outright incorrect. They were learning misinformation, half truths or information out of context. I became concerned that the public and my colleagues lacked the facts to make an informed decision about the health improving potential of this harm reduction strategy. One of my professional responsibilities is to share truthful information with others so they can make an informed decision on matters that affect health; so I became a vaping advocate.

With the generous contributions of time, money and skills from members of the vaping community, VAEP started to take shape and was incorporated in April 2016. The business plan, written in May 2016, includes over 30 strategies to educate the population and empower vapers to advocate effectively. Our website is the first of these strategies. provides accurate vaping information to help people make an informed decision.

Our next step is to develop VAEPology, an online interactive program that will allow you to quickly look up the vaping information you want and instantly link to the supporting evidence. This program will take hundreds of hours of research, writing and formatting to produce. Software is currently being developed and we anticipate a working example by December.

We have also launched our Friends of VAEP Map which is a community of businesses that support vaping education and the right to make an informed decision. VAEP is also offering exclusive advertising on our VAEPology welcome page. For more information on these businesses opportunities, please see our Sponsor VAEP page.

I have and will continue to work hard on this project because I strongly believe that EVERYONE has a right to make an informed decision; and the only way to do that is to ensure they have access to the truth!


Kellie Ann Forbes, BScN, RN