April 4, 2017

In March, Kellie Ann spent 205 working hours creating our website VAEPworld.com, preparing for CVE Edmonton this weekend, and on administration such as trademark application.

We hope you find the website useful for educating yourself and others. It has all of our Original Work and Shareables for basic knowledge. We also have well described Links to help people further their learning.

Our next step will be creating the VAEP Learning Center to help people easily expand on their basic vaping knowledge. It will allow easy access to the information people are looking for and instantly link to the credible references supporting the information. This resource will also provide the breadth and depth of knowledge required to satisfy the learning needs of healthcare professionals.

Maria Papaioannoy-Duic’s VAEP Fundraiser GoFundMe campaign has donated $3500 to us which helped with our expenses for the website and CVE Edmonton 2017. Big thank you to Maria for her support and fund raising!