During my travels visiting vape stores throughout  BC and Alberta, several people said to me, “If VAEP doesn’t work out, you can always go back to nursing.” Here’s the thing, VAEP is nursing!

Outside of the care we give patients in the hospital, I don’t think most people understand fully what registered nurses are trained to do.

To acquire a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, we are required to be competent in self-directed learning and therapeutic teaching. We are qualified to research anything related to human health; formulate a comprehensive understanding; and utilize effective communication strategies to benefit people with that knowledge.

Our professional code of ethics guides our practice. This includes advocating for vulnerable populations (in this case smokers); improving health outcomes through teaching; implementing harm reduction strategies; facilitating informed decision making; and empowering people with resources.

VAEP is what I was trained to do.

VAEP is nursing.

Kellie Ann RN