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Access the specific information you want know about vaping and instantly link to the credible source.

When we are a little further along, we will be developing the VAEPology Learning Centre. This page describes our plans. This program will be online and interactive; try out the software below.

Reference Library

Hundreds of credible references such as studies, stats, reports and surveys have been published on vaping related research. The Reference Library will make it easy for you to find, reference and learn with several search and filter options. Kellie Ann’s notes are included with each item.

After VAEPology’s initial development, you will find 200-300 items in the library; we selected just over 30 items for the working sample.

See how the Reference Library works!

Myths Flowcharts

There is so much misinformation about vaping, that we had software designed around the numerous myths. Start with the myth; debunk it with facts; prove the facts with evidence; and view the source of the evidence! Quick and easy!

When VAEPology is fully developed, there will be 2 to 3 dozen myths to choose from; for our working sample, we have made flowcharts for 3 vaping myths.

Watch how the Flowcharts work!

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