Proprietary software is being developed for VAEPology. My friend, Chris Der, has spent many hours writing code for the Reference Library and the Flowcharts. Software development is what he does for a living and he rightfully should charge VAEP thousands of dollars. But Chris refuses to invoice; he won’t even discuss numbers with me.

Chris has done a lot of free stuff for me since I met him at the beginning of my advocating, three years ago. He is not a vaper and I am unaware if anyone close to him is a vaper.


A couple hours after we had a long meeting, Chris sent this VAEPology logo to me.

I didn’t ask for one. He said he was inspired and it “just came to him.” It’s perfect!

Chris recognizes that I am driven by ethics…to right a wrong, to help people, and to reduce suffering. He has witnessed the sacrifices I have made for this project. I’ve seen the concern on his face as I pushed myself to keep going…Chris is writing this software because he believes in VAEP. He thinks everyone has a right to make an informed decision and he knows that is what VAEP is all about.

There would be no VAEPology without Chris; and he can take as long as he needs to benefit the world with his selfless generosity!

View his genius below: