So much has happened in the last 8 months!

Here are some highlights…


We have videos about us!

My neighbor and local journalist, Eric Bowling, and I developed two videos designed to quickly teach people about VAEP. The first, Introducing VAEP, explains who we are and why we advocate for vaping education



The second, Introducing VAEPology, describes plans for the VAEPology Learning Centre and features our proprietary software. Each video is narrated by myself and about three and a half minutes long. The can be found in the first section of our homepage as well as on the VAEPworld YouTube channel.


Chris Der completed the software!

Huge thank you to my fried, Chris, for all the volunteer hours that went into writing our software! A working sample featuring 32 items in the Reference Library and 3 Myths Flowcharts is online and ready for you to try it out!

These are just 2 of 5 learning tools planned for VAEPology. Our learning center will make it ridiculously easy for anyone to learn about vaping AND have the depth of knowledge required by healthcare professionals; see our VAEPology page for more details.


VAEP is grateful for generous donations!


I extend my sincerest gratitude to the Electronic Cigarette Trade Association (ECTA) and to North 49 Vape for their significant donations!

It is during these early stages of development that generosity is most appreciated. The endless hours of work and huge chunks of my paychecks are sometimes very difficult to bare. ECTA and North 49 eased the pressure for a time and I am truly appreciative!!


Have you noticed the new pins on the VAEP Map?

Our community of businesses that support vaping education is growing!

Every week our social media showcases new supporters of our project and our revenue grows. At this rate, we will be in a position to commence building VAEPology before the new year!





VAEP is all polished up!


My skills in web design and desktop publishing have been hammered out through countless edits to the website. VAEP now has a well branded presentation online and my attention has turned to sales, marketing and networking.

We need 300 pins on the map to operate VAEP and to pay me the same I would make in the hospital for full time hours. Then, I can build VAEPology Learning Centre.




Canada’s Vape Expo, Toronto July 2018

While in Toronto, I had the pleasure of spending time with everyone on the VAEP team: Chrissy, Rick and Luke! Lots of laughs, great conversations and too much good food!

I’ll leave you with some very overdue pics from CVE Toronto 2018 taken by my friend, Luke Marshal.

I still need to learn selfies…

Kellie Ann RN