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The making of smokers

What about vaping?

On this website, we reference nicotine vaping products purchased in specialty vape shops when used as intended.


Vaping nicotine based eliquids is 95% reduction in harm compared to smoking. 20 Vaping is less addictive than smoking because it has a fraction of the ingredients found in tobacco cigarettes. 3

Learn how vaping compares to smoking in this two minute video.

This 30 second video explains the  epidemic that is related to vaping.

We don't know the long-term effects of vaping but we do know the long-term effects of smoking. (14)

The electronic cigarette was patented in 2004 15 and has been mainstream for about 5-10 years, depending on the country. To date, millions of smokers have switched to vaping. 16 There has never been a case of serious adverse effects from vaping nicotine based products from a specialty vape shop when used as intended.

Unlike with cigarettes, vaping has been developed in an age when science has studied and catalogued thousands of substances and how they effect human health. Eliquid and vapour have been thoroughly analyzed and the results consistently indicate that vaping is a very small fraction of the harm compared to smoking. 17

Over 9000 observations on the constituents of vapor were compared to universally recognized workplace exposure standards; and all (except 2 were less than <5%) were less than 1% of Threshold Limit Values. 18


Smoking is the most common addiction in North America. (19) (20)

Half of smokers try to quit every year; yet only 5% quit of those quit attempts achieve long term success.  21, 9 Vaping may be a better solution for smokers because it is inhaled like smoke is and replaces the ritualistic component of smoking addiction.

The Royal College of Physicians reviewed the science on vaping & wrote an 111 page report. (17)

In April 2016, they released the report, Nicotine without Smoke: “…the likely 
harm to health and society 
of e-cigarettes at about 5% 
of the burden caused by 
tobacco smoking.” 17

"People smoke for nicotine but they die from tar." -M. Russell

WHO prioritized the nine most toxic chemicals found in tobacco smoke for reduction. Vaping significantly reduces or eliminates these toxic chemicals! 6

We have more info on vaping as a harm reduction strategy for current smokers.

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